This content was withdrawn on 18 December 2023

We have updated and moved our apprentice support centre content.


Apprentice Support Centre


Roles and Responsibilities

An essential guide to who’s who and their roles and responsibilities in helping you achieve your apprenticeship.
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Support for Apprentices with a Learning Difficulty or Disability

Support and assistance available to help you complete your apprenticeship if you have a learning difficulty or disability.
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Off-the-job Training

Key facts, information and support, on Off-the-job Training, to help you complete your apprenticeship programme.
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End Point Assessment (EPA)

Information and support on End Point Assessment (EPA) for apprentices, covering the key points you need to know
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Connect and Network with other Apprentices

Information and useful tips on how to connect with other apprentices; and how it can help with your apprenticeship
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Support for care experienced apprentices

Information and support to help you complete your apprenticeship if you are care experienced.
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